8 October 2010

Kona Diary: Day 6

The day started out with breakfast at Lava Java, followed by a very short swim, just to help stay loose.  I felt great in the water and am looking forward to the swim on Saturday.  The swim was my only training of the day, which merited a delicious Acai Bowl - a healthy bowl of blended fruit, fresh fruit and granola.

This evening Dad and I went to the Welcome Dinner, where there was a buffet and local Hawaiian dancers.  There were a few clips from past races which really helped get the adrenaline going!  It's amazing to think that the race is nearly here.  Tomorrow will be a short bike and run session, at which point all the training will be done.


  1. Nick, you have worked so hard to achieve this dream and deserve every success - we wish you the best of luck for the race tomorrow and will be tracking you all the way. We are all very proud of you.

  2. Nick, focus, pace, power, eat, drink, swim, bike, run. and HAVE FUN ENJOY, BE HAPPY.

    THIS IS A DAY IN THE MAKING and you deserve it, so much have not met anyone like you because you have it all.

    Run them down, I have £50 on you winning.