3 April 2011

Time to Fly

Sunday evening - it's practically race week.  I can honestly say that there are no nerves, just pure excitement.  It's this feeling that keeps me coming back to Ironman.  There's no comparison.  It's time to leave the beautiful training location that I've enjoyed for the last 6 weeks and head off. Tomorrow morning I'll begin my journey to SA, arriving firstly at Jo'burg then later at Port Elizabeth.  

Let race week begin...


  1. Nick fly the Seychelles Flag, swim hard, ride wisely and run like the wind. You are certainly focused, have a good week of taper, you know the course, you have done the prep work .

    Keep us informed of how things are going, stay well.

    Paradise Tri
    Simon Brierley

  2. All the best Nick. We will be tracking you online all the way!