9 October 2011

Kona Diary - Day 38: Race Day

What a day.  So much to be said, but I'm about to watch the finish line celebrations, so for now, here's the skinny on my greatest achievement to date:

Swim: 1:00:14 (PB)
Transition 1: 2:24
Bike: 4:54:31 (PB)
Transition 2: 2:34
Run: 3:18:32 (PB)
Finish: 9:18:15 (PB)

2nd M18-24 age-group and 108th overall.  Can't wipe the grin off my face!


  1. Hey Nick. Fantastic Race! You must be over the moon. Watched you all day long. So steady! Happy for you! Stu

  2. Well done Nick, fantastic result. Jamie

  3. Awesome Silver World Champ, you had us scared for a bit when the LIVE timing went down and showed you drop to 28th place in AG, but then everyone showed dropping places.

    Woweeeeeeeeeee you have done this justice, certainly deserve it and such motivation of yours. Awesome Nick

  4. BOOM! Very impressive Nick...great belief, great sacrifice, great result! Patiently awaiting the full RR...

    Peter Hughes

  5. well done mate!
    i was running the last half lap of my firt IM in SA when you were entering the final chute... i thinked:"this man is a PRO!"
    not far.....
    we'll se in busselton (i come too)
    see you
    matteo italy